Scavenger Hunt for Art PHOTOS!

My thanks goes out to all of the participating artists, and everyone who supported us by joining our hunt through Iowa City.
Congratulations to all!! It was truly wonderful.

The photos will appear chronologically, beginning with “Animal Shelter” by Katie McGowan, Caleb Gentry, Goran Butorac and Joe Strange; “Tea Party” by Nelle Dunlap; “Branch with One Thousand Leaves” by Eric Asboe; “The Great American Stay-Cation” by Josh Eklow; “Wooded Passage” by Nicole Donnelly and Caleb Engstrom; “ReCite, ReUse, ReCycle” by Danielle Kimzey and Andy Moeller; and “Sudden Brick Works” by David Dunlap, John Engelbrecht and Eric Asboe.


Scavenger Hunt for Art


Join us FRIDAY JUNE 26, from 6pm – 8pm for


part of the Iowa City Summer Arts Residency

As a way of exhibiting the pieces created during the last two weeks, we are conducting a scavenger hunt/art tour through Iowa City, beginning at the Old Animal Rescue Shelter (on Kirkwood) and ending off of N. Dodge Street.

Call in to the AUDIO TOUR: (585) 935-7581
Use the MAP below.

Meet up at 6pm at the Animal Shelter, and
Happy Hunting!

A bicycle is recommended but not required